NeuroSeminars Lyss 2023

Basics of Functional Neurology

1.5-day Seminar
(12 hours of CPD credits / ChiroSuisse-approved CE credits)

Date: 28th – 29th October 2023
Saturday 9:00 – 18.30pm (CEST) / Sunday 9:00 – 13:00 (CET)

Lyss Forestry Training Center (FTCL)
Hardernstrasse 20
3250 Lyss, Switzerland

Online attendance via Zoom is also available.

Course Description:
The clinical benefit associated with manual therapy is not simply related to restoring movement to restricted joints and normalising local muscle tone through segmental reflex effects. A major therapeutic role is attributed to activation of the central nervous system (CNS) – in recent years the literature is saying this more and more. It is thought that many chronic or treatment-resistant musculoskeletal conditions are perpetuated by ongoing neurological dysfunctions or maladaptive post-injury changes in the CNS. It has also been suggested that a neurorehabilitative approach is what is needed to more successfully manage such chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

This seminar aims to teach you the basics of functional neurology in a simple and easy-to-understand way. It will provide you with fundamental knowledge of nervous system structure and function, as well as teaching examination techniques related to the cerebellum, cranial nerves and eye movements. You will also learn the basic principles of neuro-rehabilitation. The seminar will be interactive with numerous practical sessions to develop your newly learnt skills and emphasize the clinical application of the material taught. 

Course Content: 

  • How and why neurological dysfunction can occur.
  • The different motor tracts and their clinical importance.
  • Functional roles of the sensory tracts.
  • Cerebral cortex – overview of the parietal & frontal lobes.
  • Ocular examination – pursuits & saccades.
  • Cranial nerves and their correlation to functional impairments in the brainstem; and how to examine for these deficits.
  • Cerebellum: its function in motor control, motor adaptation, postural stabilisation and injury prevention.
  • Cerebellar testing & introduction to neuro-rehabilitation.
  • Introduction to pain: the concept of pain in the absence of tissue damage, mechanical allodynia and central pain modulation.

Course Instructors:
Nicole Oliver, DC, MChiro, BSc(Hons), PgDip(MSK Neuroscience)
Nicole graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 2005 and began studying functional neurology in 2006. She gained the Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB) qualification four years later. Alongside clinical practice she lectures for Neuroseminars, teaching functional neurology to chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other health care professionals in the UK and Europe. Nicole has presented at several conferences and conventions, including the 2014 & 2016 European Chiropractors Union (ECU) Conventions, the 2019 World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Congress, and at the annual or biannual conferences/ meetings of the Swiss, German, Norwegian, Belgian, Finnish, Swedish, Irish and Scottish national associations.

Karl Martin Stålaker, DC, MChiro, MSc(MSK Neuroscience)
Karl graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney in 2006. He practiced as a chiropractor in Spain for several years before returning home to Norway in 2010. During his time at university, he developed a special interest in jaw problems, balance disorders, vertigo, headaches and chronic pain, which he has pursued in his postgraduate studies. He has completed his Masters of Musculoskeletal Neuroscience, with the focus of his studies on chronic pain and central sensitisation. Karl has taught several workshops for the Norwegian Chiropractic Association’s Regional New Graduate Development Programme. He has also presented at the Swedish Chiropractic Association’s 2019 Autumn Conference on the subject of TMJ influences on the vestibular system, and at the 2023 Forum on Manual Medicine (FoMM) on the subject of nociplastic pain.

Registration fee (for on-site attendance):
DC / Fully qualified health care professional: CHF 450 / £400 / EUR 475
Assistant chiropractor enrolled with the Swiss Academy of Chiropractic: CHF 250
Chiropractic student: CHF 150
(student and assistant discounts are only available for on-site attendance of the seminar)

Registration fee for online attendance via Zoom: £295 / EUR 345

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Hotel Room (per person)Food
Single (1st / 2nd night)CHF 98 / CHF 78Lunch on SaturdayCHF 19
Double (1st / 2nd night)CHF 73 / CHF 53Dinner on SaturdayCHF 16
Triple (1st / 2nd night)CHF 63 / CHF 43BreakfastCHF 15

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