Laser Headband

Kinaesthetic Sensibility Laser Pen Headband


Laser Pen Headband for kinaesthetic sensibility/head repositioning accuracy testing and proprioceptive rehabilitation training.

Laser Pen Headband
– Assessment & Rehabilitation of Kinesthetic Sensibility –

Cervical kinesthetic sensibility is commonly impaired after traumatic injury to the cervical spine, e.g. whiplash injury. It can also be impaired in patients with non-traumatic cervical spine pain or cervicogenic headache. Untreated, impaired kinesthetic sensibility is likely to contribute to chronic pain, persistent vertigo/ dizziness and incomplete resolution of eye movement abnormalities frequently associated with whiplash and mild traumatic brain injury.

Kinesthetic sensibility is a measure of conscious neck proprioception and can be assessed quickly and easily using a laser pen mounted to a headband. The patient repositions their head to a target after moving their head away from the target. The procedure is performed with the patient’s eyes closed.

The laser pen headband can also be used to retrain kinesthetic sensibility, and so is an invaluable rehabilitation tool for your whiplash and other neck pain or headache patients in whom you find impairments in this measure.

For further details on assessment and rehabilitation procedures using the Laser Pen Headband, please click here (opens in new window).

The headbands are adjustable to fit all adults and older children. Smaller headbands for younger children are available upon request at no extra cost. The laser pen is held securely and tightly in place to prevent any movement of the pen, which would compromise the reliability and reproducibility of the testing procedure.


Your order includes:

  • Adjustable headband with holder for laser pen
  • Red laser pen (USB rechargeable)
  • A3 wall poster of ‘target’
  • A3 wall poster containing shapes for retraining kinaesthetic sensibility





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