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Optokinetic Tape


Optokinetic (OPK) tape to elicit optokinetic eye movements for the purpose of assessment and neuro-rehabilitation.

The optokinetic (OPK) tape is an essential part of the functional neurologist’s toolkit. It can be used to evaluate optokinetic nystagmus, which provides a window of assessment into the functionality of the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, cerebellum and other brain regions involved in the generation and control of optokinetic eye movements. The optokinetic tape can also be used to rehabilitate functional deficits within these brain areas, which also makes it a powerful treatment modality.

For further information on how to assess OPK eye movements, please click here (opens in new window).

Our OPK tapes are professionally crafted and have weights sewn into each end. The weighted ends make it easier to move the tape smoothly when assessing vertical and diagonal eye movements. The tapes are made of fabric and are approx. 86cm x 6.5cm (34″ x 2.6″) in size.

Weight 0.15 kg