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Neurology has been at the heart of the Chiropractic profession since its very beginning. But it is only in recent years that advances in clinical neuroscience have allowed us to truly understand how our treatment affects the nervous system; and how this effect allows us to restore and preserve good structure and function within the musculoskeletal system.  Although neuroanatomy and neurology form a substantial part of the chiropractic undergraduate curriculum, very few chiropractors use this knowledge in the day-to-day treatment of their patients; it tends to be used solely to rule out gross neurological pathology.  The aim of Neuroseminars is to introduce more practitioners of manual therapy, such as chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, to the practical aspects of functional neurology.

Manual therapists excel in their ability to detect subtle differences in musculoskeletal structure and function, for example through muscle testing, feeling for joint restrictions and checking for leg length discrepancies. Our seminars will teach you how to transfer these same skills to neurological testing. Functional imbalances within the brain frequently cause or contribute to patients’ presenting complaints.  For example they can cause: 

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