Extremity Adjusting & Complete Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

1.5-day On-Site Seminar (12 hours of CPD)

Course Description:

To follow shortly

The seminar will be interactive, and focused on practical clinical applications.

A comprehensive set of course notes will be emailed to you in advance of the seminar.

Videos of the practical techniques will be made available to you after the seminar.

Conditions covered: 

Upper limb:

  • Common tendinoses
  • Rotator cuff impingement syndrome
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Anterior glenohumeral capsule instability
  • Median, radial & ulnar nerve entrapment syndromes
  • SLAP lesion
  • Medial & lateral epicondylitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Inflamed ulnar disc

Lower limb:

  • Trochanteric bursitis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Femoral nerve entrapment
  • Hip labral tear
  • Gluteus medius & adductor myofascial pain syndrome
  • Femoro-acetabular impingement
  • Sports people rupture somewhere adductors
  • Common ligament injuries
  • Common tendinoses
  • Muscle strains
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Peroneal nerve entrapment
  • Shin splints
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia

Date: 23rd – 24th September 2023
Time: Saturday 9am – 6pm; Sunday 9am – 1pm
Location: TBA, Midlands, UK
Registration fee: TBA

Please contact nicole@neuroseminars.co.uk if you require any further information.

Seminar Instructors:
Karl Martin Stålaker, DC, MChiro, BSc, MSc(MSK Neuroscience)
Karl graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney in 2006. He practiced as a chiropractor in Spain for several years before returning home to Norway in 2010. During his time at university, he developed a special interest in jaw problems, balance disorders, vertigo, headaches and chronic pain, which he has pursued in his postgraduate studies. He has completed his Masters of Musculoskeletal Neuroscience, with the focus of his studies on chronic pain and central sensitisation. Karl has taught several TMJ workshops for the Norwegian Chiropractic Association’s Regional New Graduate Development Programme. He has also presented at the Swedish Chiropractic Association’s 2019 Autumn Conference on the subject of TMJ influences on the vestibular system.

Nicole Oliver, DC, MChiro, BSc(Hons), PgDip(MSK Neuroscience)
Nicole graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in 2005 and began studying functional neurology in 2006. She gained the Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB) qualification four years later. Alongside clinical practice she lectures for Neuroseminars, teaching functional neurology to chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other health care professionals in the UK and Europe. Nicole has presented at several conferences and conventions, including the 2014 & 2016 European Chiropractors Union (ECU) Conventions, the 2019 World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Congress, and at the annual or biannual conferences/ meetings of the Swiss, German, Norwegian, Belgian, Finnish, Swedish, Irish and Scottish national associations.